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A Documented Life & Long Term Travel Guide


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A ski town that no one knows about

Have you ever dreamed of a 7,000 acre playground that gets over 500+ inches of average snowfall, and has no lift lines, tourists or weekend warriors poaching your lines??  No pretentious yuppies judging your life?  No million dollar homes?  No absurd airfare?  No subzero winter months?  Plenty of job opportunities, and affordable cost of living?  

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If it were a book it'd be a page turner for sure

Personal Experience, First Hand Knowledge, Amazing Adventures, Unbelievable Stories, I can't stop reading!

Meghan Sklhaud

Pins & Needles

It's like Christmas morning every time I get the notice in my email box of a new post at AOWANDERS


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How I smuggled myself into the USA

 I'm not that guy that wakes up in the morning, and think's how am I going to get across the border today?  In fact it never even crossed my mind until 10 seconds before I decided to do it.   Continue Reading <---THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED

Life Lesson #******* LEARNED!

Thats Kota and he wasn't around when I thought towing a 35 foot RV through two mountain ranges with a Home Depot "Renta Truck", no license, no lights, & a rope was a good idea!!  CONTINUE READING <-----THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED

How the French Foreign Legion changed my life

There's no security on this Earth only opportunity, and with no money no training no warning I was off to join the deadly French Foriegn Legion  Continue Reading <---THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED

Thank you for your services

With the itinerary you put together for my family & I we had an unforgettably amazing time, and we owe it all to you!! Thank you for showing us The Road Less Traveled!


Every company should take a lesson from you

It is clear that you genuinely care about my happiness!!  You listened to what I wanted out of my trip & delivered more than I could have ever dreamed for less than I ever would have imagined.

Mark Olsen

Customer Service Expert

  Every company should follow your approach you take customer service to a whole new level. You have generated a client for life



AOWANDERS--Documented Life & Long Term Travel Guide