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A Documented Life & Long Term Travel Guide


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If it were a book it'd be a page turner for sure

Personal Experience, First Hand Knowledge, Amazing Adventures, Unbelievable Stories, I can't stop reading!

Meghan Sklhaud

Pins & Needles

It's like Christmas morning every time I get the notice in my email box of a new post at AOWANDERS


MY Social Life


How I smuggled myself into the USA

 I'm not that guy that wakes up in the morning, and think's how am I going to get across the border today?  In fact it never even crossed my mind until 10 seconds before I decided to do it.   Continue Reading <---THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED

Life Lesson #******* LEARNED!

Thats Kota and he wasn't around when I thought towing a 35 foot RV through two mountain ranges with a Home Depot "Renta Truck", no license, no lights, & a rope was a good idea!!  CONTINUE READING <-----THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED

How the French Foreign Legion changed my life

There's no security on this Earth only opportunity, and with no money no training no warning I was off to join the deadly French Foriegn Legion  Continue Reading <---THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED

Thank you for your services

With the itinerary you put together for my family & I we had an unforgettably amazing time, and we owe it all to you!! Thank you for showing us The Road Less Traveled!


Every company should take a lesson from you

It is clear that you genuinely care about my happiness!!  You listened to what I wanted out of my trip & delivered more than I could have ever dreamed for less than I ever would have imagined.

Mark Olsen

Customer Service Expert

  Every company should follow your approach you take customer service to a whole new level. You have generated a client for life



AOWANDERS--Documented Life & Long Term Travel Guide